10 Decorating Tips for Your Living Room

The living room is not only the place in your house that people first see but it is also where entertainment happens. For these reasons, it is very necessary that this part of the house should be decorated accordingly and should be turned into a place where guest can feel that they are welcomed and will get the utmost comfort. The overall design and layout of the living room should be flowing and the decors should match with the interior design or theme. If you are having trouble decorating your living room, here are some very easy tips that you can follow:

  1. Before anything else, the first thing that you should do is choose a theme that you want for your living room. Do you like contemporary, traditional or rustic? It’s up to you. Since the living room is a place for relaxation, fun and entertainment, make sure that you choose a theme that will make people feel relaxed and comfortable.
    Bouns tip: take a look at those 33 themes by Mary Kate McGrath for ideas.
  2. After choosing a theme, the next thing you should do is choosing the paint colors for the living room walls and ceilings. Generally, the walls of the living room have a more detailed colors compared with other rooms in the house. For some personal touch, you can use colors that are a reflection of your style and preferences.
  3. The most common tip for decorating the living room is to ensure that the theme and the color match. Keep in mind that the colors should not clash.
  4. To add elegance and to create a warm type of environment, you do have the option to add windows to your living room.
  5. When decorating the living room, another very important tip is to find the focal point of the room. The focal point can be anything which people first see when they enter the room. Focal points are great eye-catchers so it could either be furniture, a lamp or a light fixture.
  6. If you want your living room to have that spacious and inviting effect, you can place your couch or sofa on either the corner of the wall or against the wall. It would be a great idea if the couch is positioned facing the living room’s entrance.
  7. A living room is utilized for fun, entertainment and most of all for social gatherings. Therefore, the chairs and couches should be placed facing each other to encourage interaction.
  8. Lights change the mood of a room. You can either have a dimmer installed to control the lighting of the room or you can put curtains on the windows to control the natural light from the outside. For more light, you have the option to use halogens or overhead lights.
  9. Add a coffee table into your living room where you can place a selection of items that will say something about you or the household. You can place magazines or hobby items in the coffee table.
  10. Plants and flowers can liven up a room. They can add energy and beauty to your living room, so you might consider getting a few pots of plants or a bouquet of flowers.

8 Low Cost Tips for Decoration your Office

The way that offices look like is very important because it directly impacts the way that the employees work. Employees spend most of their time in the office doing their tasks and people who work in offices spend more time in the office than their actual homes. Because of this, it is important to make their office space as homey as possible. Having a positive working environment helps employees raise their productivity as well as push them to want to do more.

Choose the best wall paint

Pick a color that will brighten the office other than white or peach. Make sure that you use a color that is vibrant and it will affect the mood of your employees. If you want more productivity, choose red and it will surely raise the productivity level of your team and workers. This is according to a study done by Miami University about how colors affect a person’s working ability. Meanwhile, they also said that blue mostly gives out the feeling of either sadness or relaxation.

Choose stimulating pictures

Office decorations should also be important not only for décor but also to stimulate workers to do better. Choose the kind of picture that relates to the type of business that you have.

Hang Paintings


Make sure that you frame paintings and place them where your employees can see them on a day to day basis. An example of a good paintings are paintings of landscapes, the sea and the horizon.

Use a small water fountain

A small water fountain can serve as a relaxing background sound for employees while they are working. This is very important because there can be times when stress is high in the workplace. By having a small water fountain, employees can hear the relaxing sound of running water and it will help ease their stress levels even a little. This is a very good approach to lessen the stress level in a workplace.

Go Green


Plants have always been good decoration anywhere you go. Offices are not exempted and should also have green plants in vases or just simply hanging in corridors.

Pantry utilities

The pantry is where employees go to have their breaks and it is very important to have everything that they need in there. Make sure you have a sink, refrigerator, tables and chairs, microwaves and kitchen basics like spoon and fork.

Board games and Magazines

When employees are having their breaks, it is important to give them an option to read or be entertained. Keep board games and magazine in the lounge area to make sure that they can use it whenever they want to stimulate their minds and take a break from work.

Display Certificates and Trophies


It is important to let employees know that you take pride in what they have achieved. Displaying certificates and trophies are a good way to show this. New employees will also be seeing this and it will add to their drive to do much better at their jobs.

7 Ways to Redecorate Your Home

Once in your life, there will come a point wherein you will feel that you have to change the look of your home. In your journey to redecorating your home, you will see that you have a wide range of options available. The important thing is to choose wisely from these options to ensure success. When redecorating your home, it does not necessarily have to be costly. Nowadays, there are a lot of methods that you can apply to help you redecorate your home. These methods will greatly help you in achieving the look that you want for your home and at the same time have fun and be creative.


  1. When redecorating, it is extremely important to redecorate one room at a time. Never redecorate your entire home in one go as this will make you feel repulsed over too much work. The worst part is that it can result to not finishing anything at all. Pick a part of the house that you often utilize and do a layout evaluation.
  2. After choosing the part of the house that you want to decorate first, begin by removing the clutter and start organizing. Segregate the things you want kept and the things you want thrown or donated. Empty the area that needs redecorating and clean everything.
  3. Part of redecorating the home is repainting. If you want to entirely change the appeal of the home, repaint the walls and ceilings or you can add details to the painting if you don’t want to redo the wall’s paint. By adding a splash of color, you can be able to accentuate the room and highlight its best angles.
  4. One trick to redecorating the home without breaking the bank is to rearrange the pieces of furniture that you already have. You can change their directions and remove or add some furniture.
  5. Paintings and pictures can add life to a room. If you are redecorating, do not be afraid to hang some paintings or framed photos on the walls. These home accessories will not only enhance the overall décor of your home but will also turn the heads of your guests in a good way of course.
  6. Add some type of flooring or carpeting to a room. Rugs and carpets are great additions for a beautiful home and at the same time they also serve as functional accessories because they lessen the effect of wear and tear on your flooring.
  7. For the windows, add some draperies or any sort of window dressings to accentuate the window and highlight the room’s overall look. There are plenty of styles, sizes and colors available in the market.


These are only 7 ways to redecorate your home. There are still so many ways that you can follow when redecorating to turn your home into an inviting, cozy and wonderful home. It takes planning, creativity and self-expression to redecorate a home. Do not be hesitant to incorporate your taste into the home’s design because after all, this is your home.