Update #2


July 31, 2013 by Matthew Vickery

A response from the quiz master left on this blog:


We take this Critisism very seriously and are fully apologetic for any offence caused by the comments made on the night.
The view represented in the quiz are not those of radio or its staff. The quiz was meant in the upmost humour and all questions are specifically designed to shock for comic effect. These views are the polar opposite to my own and are written to poke fun and the common views found within popular media. Though the format is one of a quiz, we aimed to make it humorous also and we have obviously over-stepped the mark and so we are sorry.
We would like to apologise again to anyone who was offended either at the quiz or after and specifically to the participant who wrote the blog.
The quiz has now been terminated in radio and all media outlets for the quiz are in the process of being deleted.
Again, these views are not my own and were written to shine light on the misojinistic views of society in a comical context.


Now if I may. If this line was the case, me and my teammates would not have been deducted points, we would not have been told that we are not welcome again, and the quiz master would not have tried to ridicule us over the microphone. Furthermore my complaint would have been taken seriously at the time, rather than laughed of, and the quiz master would not have stated that he was going to continue making his quiz ‘rapey’.

Nice statement, but it will not fool anyone, and I really think it is quite insulting to all that this has been released, clearly with the help of G1. We all still remain waiting for G1′s response to the previous response given which can be seen on the previous blog post.


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8 thoughts on “Update #2

  1. A says:

    They can’t even spell MISOGYNISTIC!! Oh the irony…….

  2. Caz says:

    The response said: “The quiz was meant in the upmost humour and all questions are specifically designed to shock for comic effect.”

    Anyone who knows me, knows that I have one of the wackiest senses of humour ever. However, I fail to see ANYTHING remotely funny about these types of questions or comments. Indeed, I find them utterly repugnant – perhaps they should do a bit more market research into what people actually find comical.

    Believe me, there is nothing remotely comical about being raped and I am sure that along with the vast majority of people, I think there is something quite sinister and pathetic about people who think that it is something to promote as ‘funny’.

    Perhaps if a formal complaint is made to Glasgow City Council licencing board, they may then realise that full meaning of the ‘shock’ ‘effect’.

    The level of intelligence of these people is further reflected in their inability to even spell correctly in their response!

  3. ianism says:

    using the royal we? who does this crank think he is?!?

  4. lirazelf says:

    Will they also be cancelling “Glasgow’s most controversial, depraved and downright offensive Pub Quiz” at Flat 0/1 every tuesday? http://www.flat-1.co.uk/djs.php

  5. sciencepie says:

    It seems that Radio Nude have went all out, deleting comments on their Facebook feed and removing the option to comment and remove. I hope this is too little too late as I would hate to see this incident simply forgotten about

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